Thankyou for checking out the Experimental Mercatia Gameworld Wiki. The staff of MercatiaMUX have aimed to create a realistic and colorful gaming environment based on historical subject matter and lovecraftia. This means that the following theme files may contain references to drugs, sex, and most assuredly violence. We don't want to get sued by your parents because you were traumatized to find out that the Ark of the Covenant was anointed with copious amounts of ganja. So, if you aren't 18, please kindly wait at this page until you are. If you are 18, or maybe even older than 18, you may proceed without delay by clicking stuff on the left.

As the name suggests, this Wiki Project contains theme files, maps, short stories, and other staff/player content pertaining to MercatiaMUX, an online multi-user D&D 3.5 campaign hosted by the fine folks over at Mushpark (moc.kraphsum|ofni#moc.kraphsum|ofni). For details as to what Mercatia is and how to log on to it, please check out the Introduction. The Intro section also contains information about the worldsetting itself, as well as rules of conduct and a user agreement/disclaimer.

Introductions and legal habdashery aside, this Wiki has been designed to provide players of MercatiaMUX with a searchable, linkable resource. You won't just find theme files and racial descriptions here, you'll also find relevant historical research and short essays that will help you to flesh out your roleplay. For example, the history section contains an interesting short essay on pre-classical cosmetics. We're also more than happy to include player content in this wiki, such as personal histories, profiles, biographies, chronicles, logs and illustrations.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.