Underwater Nation of Strange Constructions
Aklon is a sinister, aquatic nation stewarded by the diminished but powerful Kanshai, a hideous and grotesque race of fish-like creatures that once ruled the seas in a bygone and ancient age. Most of it's population consists of humanoid slaves that toil away at the behest of their masters, carving nauseating, escherian cities from coral and basalt. Aklon is home to a number of other unusual races, including Kenek, Quandlo, Th'afgh and Marul, considered prized posessions by their Kanshai masters.

Search for the Unknowable
While the Aklonians are politically reclusive and disdainful of humanoid civilization, some accounts of Aklonian culture make their way to the outside when humanoid slaves survive the death of their Kanshai masters. Their stories paint a picture of a xenophobic, self-destructive oligarchy in the deepest part of the Three Seas Rift, where slaves are motivated by the appetite of their masters to comb through the mud and murk of ancient, sunken cities to find precious metals (a rarity in Aklon) and artifacts of magical power.

The Stinking Slaveships
Especially ancient and industrious Kanshai have enslaved entire colonies of coral and sponge, bending the creatures into strange and putrid vessels that slowly pull themselves through the oceans. Crewed by Marul and Th'afgh, these 'Hive Ships' allow the Kanshai masters to move themselves and their slaves through the Three Seas comfortably. Legend has it that in age of antiquity, one such hive ship is said to have washed up in Tharsos, having been battered by a freak storm. Those who explored its remains told horrific stories about half-swimming through dank, constricted passages full of mind-poisoning mucus, of living walls riddled with the dead, and even of huge, man-eating worms and aggressive crab-like creatures the size of horses.

Sightings of Hive Ships are becoming more frequent in the Three Seas as years go by, though perhaps 'sighting' is a misnomer. The unmistakable stench of such a structure bobbing along with the ocean current is often the surest sign of such an event.

The Dream Stealers
The Kanshai day and night cycle is of such great length compared to other races that they can sleep through tens of thousands of years. Inexplicably, the majority of ancient Kanshai appear to slumber simultaneously, leaving their incredibly loyal servants to care for them until they wake again. Their psionic abilities are potent but aimless during slumber, traversing all of Athwei and leading to unexplained madness in far away lands. Rumors abound that there is a Kanshai who escaped the Torpor living beyond the mist sea.

Twisting the Fate of the World
The great astronomers of Chaldea have noticed that the strength of these delusions and preoccupations seems to be linked to somewhat predictable omens in the night sky. On nights when shooting stars will be plentiful, even those unaffected by the madness are likely to experience strange, nonsensical dreams. While these episodes of madness are inconvenient on land, they're downright deadly at sea. Whether water is a more powerful medium for these psionic illnesses or the confines of a ship simply make the delusions more dangerous, sailors are known to indulge all manner of superstitious wards to avoid risking such an episode.

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