Other names: Galendos / Velentr / Tolundreg / Ptah / Hephaistos / Valendras - First among Dwereg, and father of the Elves and Dwarves. A clever and cunning hero whose artifice and craft are beyond reproach. Before the deluge he was ordered to construct a prison in which to contain a fierce monster made by the Dream Lords. After completing this prison, the Lords made Ard lame and imprisoned him in a great tower. He is said to have enacted vengeance on his jailers before escaping his prison by fashioning a flying contraption. Successful in his escape, he Ard escaped, but he tarried with his makeshift wings and they failed. He landed would never be known. Ard escaped by building wings but they malfunctioned and Ard fell to earth and was crippled.

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