Redirecting Parry - The Assassin can redirect an incoming attack to an adjacent tile if he makes a successful PARRY.

Threatening Dodge - An Assassin's dodge can be redirected into an attack against an adjacent. This attack is follows all the rules of a FEINT.

Steer-Style - Head-butts, trips and joint locks to get an opponent on the ground.

Giant-Style - The giant uses sheer strength and size against his opponents, Charging and throwing with great power, using opponents or allies as projectiles.

Bear-Style - Grappling with holds, chokes and locks.

Lion-Style - The use of limb-locks and bone-breaking to control opponents.

Snake-Style - Technical skill and speed, striking while grappling.

Theatric Mastery - An Assassin can alter the way he moves and looks through careful acting, hiding himself from opponents.


*Excellent at disguise and remaining undetected
*Excellent at fighting multiple opponents in melee combat
*Poor at fair fights against a single opponent
*Poor at extended combat

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