Athraki Dwereg


The Athraki Dwereg are also called the 'Iron Dwereg' due to their reputation for producing famous weapons and armor from the blood iron harvested from iron veins within the Worldspine. They are said to be Dwereg who traveled north with the Low King whose ship broke apart on the shores of Ryggar in a terrible storm. The Dwereg of Athrak specialize mostly in the mining, refining and working of blood iron, a substance of particular importance to the neighboring Fulkanr, Mux and Kel that they will to cross the Cyclopean sea to trade essential goods for it. Athrak itself is little more than a series of sea-side fortresses whose halls lead deep into the mountains. Despite their reliance on ocean-trade, the Athraki Dwereg greatly dislike boating and have a strong aversion to being on the sea itself.

+1 Familiarity for Cold
+2 Familiarity for Subterranean
-2 Familiarity for Sea

Athraki Dwereg have receive a 20% bonus to crafting with iron and a 40% bonus to crafting with blood iron.

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