Belt Of Flying

Move: Float Voidwards or Seawards at 3"/round
Load Limit: 500 pounds
power gem Drain: 1 charge/turn
This item appears to be a strangely crafted girdle, hung with odd ornaments and three leathery straps. It has no apparent clasp to open the girdle, though the front bears a large, embossed disc.
The belt is opened by giving the disc a quarterturn clockwise and pressing in upon the boss. In the back of the embossing is a circular indentation the size of a coin. A power gem may be fitted into this recess. The belt is activated by turning the boss counter-clockwise half a turn and pushing inwards.
Note that this device can be used to make an object up to 500 pounds weigh only as much as a 1 pound object, but the mass will still be that of a 500 pound object.

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