Brown Emblem

Murkslave Emblem. Simple brown heiroglyphs that translates to 'Murkslave' and 'Hive Slave' and 'Hive Slave' adorn this emblem.

DC15 fort check to wear or take 2d6 damage.

The next time the person sleeps they will have the dream of the murkslave

You awaken in a dank, squalid room made of living things. It is a kind of boat encased in a slimy sponge. You don't have to worry about where the boat is going. It knows the way, for it too has The Voice inside it. You wonder for a moment how the boats are born. You are missing a hand. This makes you think. You have distant memories of a time when you did not have two arms and legs and you did not have gills and a beak-like mouth. Was the boat once another thing? The Voice pushes the thought into a dark corner to inform you that you have served it well. The Voice is pleased with you, for you have captured many new Toilers. They aren't Toilers yet, but even now they stew in the slime, and you can see their hides slowly turning clear. Soon you will return to the hive and the Fleshwarpers will give you a new hand to replace the one you lost. You hope it will be better than the last hand.

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