Carnivorous Grass

Hazard (CR 5)
This mutated, carnivorous plant will attack any living thing that rests upon it. The blades of the grass are corkscrewed, and they will immediately bite into exposed flesh, inflicting 5d4 points of damage every round. On the first round damage is inflicted the victim must make a DC 16 Fortitude save or be paralyzed. Another DC 16 Fortitude save is required one minute later – failure means the victim is slowed (as the spell) for 1d4 days or until a neutralize poison spell or device is applied. Magical properties like a deflection bonus will slow the attack by one round per “point” of bonus (a ring of protection +1 will slow the attack by one round and so forth), so no damage will be taken immediately. It requires one round for the boring grass to get through leather soles or light armor. Medium armor will deflect the grass for 4 rounds, while heavy armor or plate soles are impervious to the grass for 6 full rounds – indefinitely if the wearer keeps moving. The grass can be killed by burning it with oil poured on it, defoliants, a blaster, or an incendiary or explosive grenade. Lasers have too small an area of effect to be sufficient to damage this vegetation seriously.

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