Hunter - Celerity - A celerity-based hero who
Slinger - Agility - The slinger a master of ranged weaponry and area control.
Assassin - Reflex - The assassin excels at disguise and hand to hand combat.


Witch - Intelligence - An expert in biology, botany and chemistry as well as and the application of alchemy, medicine and tinctures.

Mage - The Willpower

Arcanist - - The Arcanist is an expert at exploiting the powerful but ancient magics left by the remnants as well as decoding

-WILLPOWER BASED------------------——

Mystic - Mystics perform ancient rites and rituals.
Seer - Seers use the Nostrum to perceive things that others cannot, including the past and future.
Druid - Druids

  • Excellent at commanding creatures and plants
  • Excellent at beneficial mutations


Soldier - The soldier is trained to be able to continue to fight under dire circumstances.

  • Excellent at fighting in poor conditions and even when hurt
  • Excellent at deflecting and delivering melee attacks


  • Excellent at breaking things, including heavy armor
  • Excellent at threatening multiple adjacent squares with large weapons

Skirmisher - The skirmisher

  • Excellent at avoiding ranged, flanking and surprise attacks
  • Excellent at disabling attacks such as tripping, tangling and disarming.


Envoy - The Envoy is a representative of an institution, force or ideal. He gains supernatural powers in exchange for furthering the agenda of his patron.
Stalwart - The Stalwart is the glue that holds the team together in trying times.
Reaver - The Reaver instills fear in his enemies

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