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Building FAQ
How do I submit a building request? What should I know?
What are the rules and guidelines for building?
What about descriptions, and aesthetic considerations?
Do I get anything for doing all this?
Can I build my own place to hang out in?
How does building ownership work?

Character Generation FAQ
What are the current application restrictions?
What do I need to know before applying for a character on Mercatia?
How long will it take for a character application to be approved?
What am I expected to write in a character background?
How do I come up with a character concept?
What sort of character @names can be used?
What races are not permitted for PCs?
What changes have been made to races on Mercatia?
What classes are supported on Mercatia?
What modifications have been made to the core classes on Mercatia?
What prestige classes are supported on Mercatia?
Can I set my PC unfindable?
What about the Ultimate Equipment Guide?
What sourcebooks are used on Mercatia?
Is there any change to the Skill Focus feat?
How is Leadership handled on Mercatia? How may I choose a cohort?
Can PCs die on Mercatia?
Does Mercatia have any new Craft skills?
What are 'Regional Feats'?

Policy FAQ
What is the player conduct policy?
What is the basic conduct policy for Mercatia?
What is the staff conduct policy on Mercatia?
What actions are considered policy violations?
What is the stance of Mercatia staff on harassment, stalking, and threats from players?
What are the penalties for breaking policy?
Is there a policy on revealing alts?
What is the policy for the comm channels on Mercatia?
How do I file a complaint?
How is 'a private place' defined?
What is the privacy policy on Mercatia?
What is Mercatia's policy on TinySex?
How is rape handled on Mercatia?
How is pregnancy handled on Mercatia?
What about birth control? Homosexuality? Sex aids and toys?

What kind of theme should my PRPs stick to?
How do I submit logs? Are there any limits to how many I may submit?
How will XP for logs be calculated?
What happens if a player leaves a plot in mid-stream? What about when a staffer running the plot is MIA?
What types of plots can I play in on Mercatia?
What is a Plotmaster? How is a PM different from a Staff DM?
Can players run plots?
How do I apply to run a PRP?
Enough with all this - what about the phat lewt?
How do I submit a PRP log once the plot is done?
What sort of opponents can I use in a PRP?
What can we do in a PRP?

What forces are behind magic?
What is a dwoemeric aura?

Are there other planets on the prime material plane?
Why are there so many gods? Can I worship any one I want?
What's an 'interplanar event' and how common are they?
What's an 'interplanar rift' and how common are they?
What's with all the comparisons to oceanic environments?

What kind of domestic technology avails in cities?
What kind of exotic technology avails in cities?
What influence has magic had on technology?
Can magic and technology interact?


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