Golem Control Rod

Range: 80’
Function: Summons one Toiler Golem and allows transmission of verbal orders
Power gem Drain: 1/2 charge/turn
This appears to be a brown metal rod about the size of a club. It resembles in form other Quandlo equipment, but seems to have been cobbled together from spare parts, including some silver parts that look nothing like the rest of it. A small blue gem with a Kanshai hieroglyph is set into the hand-grip, the rough translation is ‘Serve’. This device is used to summon one Toiler Golem within range to the immediate vicinity of the holder. The hive’s strange altar moderates which Golem will respond if more than one are within range or else the closest one will respond. By pressing the blue hieroglyph a Toiler will arrive within 1-4 turns if any are available. Once a Toiler Golem has arrived it may be given verbal commands if someone continues to hold the rod. Set into the very base of the device is a power gem.
This device has its own store of power but for each turn of operation there is a 2% cumulative chance that the power pack will drain, causing the blue light to flash. In l-l 0 rounds the remote will go dead. Any power gem will reduce the chance of failure by 5% per charge in the disc, but eventually this will drain too.

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