Gray Emblem

Hive Overlord Emblem. On it is a gray hieroglyph of a Kanshai Overlord, a coalecanth-like fish with tentacles emerging from its face. Other smaller yellow hieroglyphs inside the larger one read 'high servant'.

DC 35 fort check or take 6d6 damage from wearing.

This is the dream:

You comb through your favorite memories, some millions of years old, still half-euphoric from your dream cycle. You take care to slowly crack apart the sarcophagus of slime that has accumulated around you over the millennia, moving your gigantic and ancient body slowly through the cracks as though hatching from a giant egg. Is it harder this time? Did you sleep too long? The din of The Eldest grows louder and louder with alarm, even as your many eyes still fight to open. It's warm. You are informed the Hive is under attack. It has crashed on a world called Athwei and in the ensuing chaos, heretics have risen against The Voice. They are the Quandlo, the first children of The Eldest. You do not share The Eldest's love for them and swell with pride that sentimentality will be his undoing. Perhaps you will be The Eldest now if you dance your tentacles right. It's very warm in here. Too warm. You are filled with rage as you realize you are slowly being cooked alive. You leave your body to watch helplessly as the Quando Heretics surround your sleeping chamber, their firey spears hardening the outside of your mucal shell into an impenetrable coffin.

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