Hiveship Weapons And Equipment

If the DM wishes to capture the feel of the original adventure, as an optional rule he may use the flow charts included in the adventure in addition to the various item feats. If the charts are used, they should be used for non-proficient characters only. When a player rolls on the charts the DM should ignore the Intelligence modifiers presented in the adventure and just subtract the character’s Intelligence modifier from the roll. If the character makes it to “FINISH” on the chart without destroying the item, he now has a basic working knowledge of it. However, all future uses will be subject to a non-proficiency penalty. If the character then acquires the appropriate feat to use the item he can use it with no penalty.

Alternatively, the DM may have the character roll a straight Intelligence check – DC 10 for “simple” items, DC 15 for “complex” items. If the character makes the roll, he or she can use the item (with a non-proficiency penalty if applicable). If the character fails the check by more than 5, he or she destroys the item or discharges it, possibly hurting himself or a bystander. This method is good for learning items such as the gas mask and Medallion of Speech.



Fragmentation Bomb

This is a small explosive device that sprays shrapnel in all directions when it explodes. Anyone caught in the blast radius can make a DC 15 Reflex save for half damage.

Incendiary Bomb

An incendiary grenade uses an explosive charge to distribute burning material across the burst radius. Anyone caught in the blast radius can make a DC 15 Reflex save for half damage. Any target that takes full damage from an incendiary grenade is dealt an additional 1d6 points of fire damage in the following round and risks catching on fire. In addition, an incendiary grenade creates a cloud of smoke; all creatures within 5 feet of the explosion point have total concealment (attacks suffer a 50% miss chance, and the attacker can’t use sight to locate the target). The smoke disperses after 10 rounds, though a moderate wind (11+ mph) disperses the smoke in 4 rounds and a strong wind (21+ mph) disperses it in 1 round.

Sleep Bomb

On the round that it is thrown, a sleep gas grenade fills a 5-foot radius with a cloud of sleep gas. On the following round, it fills a 10-foot radius, and on the third round it fills a 15-foot radius. It disperses after 10 rounds, though a moderate wind (11+ mph) disperses the smoke in 4 rounds and a strong wind (21+ mph) disperses it in 1 round. A character caught in a cloud of gas must make a DC 18 Fortitude save or take 1d3 primary Dexterity damage; secondary damage unconsciousness for 1d3 hours. This effect lasts as long as the character is in the cloud and for 1d6 rounds after he or she leaves the cloud. Those who succeed at their saves but remain in the cloud must continue to save each round. A gas mask renders the target immune to the effects.

Poison Bomb

On the round that it is thrown, a poison gas grenade fills a 5-foot radius with a cloud of poison gas. On the following round, it fills a 10-foot radius, and on the third round it fills a 15-foot radius. It disperses after 4 rounds, though a moderate wind (11+ mph) disperses the smoke in 2 rounds and a strong wind (21+ mph) disperses it in 1 round. A character caught in a cloud of gas must make a DC 16 Fortitude take 1d10 primary and secondary Constitution damage. A gas mask renders the target immune to the effects.

Enervation Shortspear

Creatures hit by this weapon must immediately make a DC 15 Fortitude save or be subject to primary paralysis and secondary paralysis for 1d4 rounds then slow (as the spell) for 1d4 rounds. A slowed creature struck by the paralysis ray is paralyzed for 1d3 x 10 minutes if he fails his save.

Energy Shortspear

Rate of fire is equal to attacker’s number of attacks.

Energy Glaive

Disruption beam: With a successful hit the target takes 5d6 points of damage and must succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude save vs. disruption or be reduced to ash (the target still takes damage with a successful save). This setting uses two power gem charges per shot; Heat Beam: This setting produces a 5 ft. beam that inflicts 4d6 fire damage with a successful hit. Additionally, the target must succeed at a DC 15 Fort save (+1 DC per previous attack) or take an additional 1d4 points non-lethal damage and fatigue (DMG, p. 301); Flame Plane: With this setting, a jet of flame shoots from the rifle. The flame plane has a 1 range increment maximum range and inflicts 4d6 fire damage with a successful hit. The next round, the target must succeed at a DC 15 Reflex save or the target catches on fire (DMG, p. 303); Rate of fire for all modes is 1 per round.


Note: All armor found on the Etherhive will be sized for Medium creatures only.
+++ Quandlo Platemail
This armor is a self-contained suit providing immunity to vacuum and breathable air for eight hours. As long as the suit is powered, the wearer can negate any armor check penalty for Jump checks. The suit has a force shield that provides DR 5/– and energy resistance 5 as long as the armor is functional (The armor has hardness 10; 40 hp. If the armor takes damage in excess of 40 hit points, it will shut down until repaired). The wearer has the equivalent of 23 Strength while wearing the armor, and anti-grav as the belt, except movement is restricted to 10 ft./round. Anti-grav will function for 6 minutes, or 3 if carrying significant weight. For each round of operation, the anti-grav must recharge for one minute. When power is down to one minute, the warning buzzer will sound. The armor has an integral Quandlo Thermal Shortspear and internal sound actuators that provide a +5 equipment bonus to Listen checks and infrared sensors that provide darkvision to 120 feet. The power supply in a suit of armor will last for eight hours before the armor has to be recharged. Wt. 40 lbs. – not added to character’s total encumbrance while the armor is functional.
(Requires Armor Proficiency [Quandlo])
Armor/Shield Bonus +10
Maximum Dex Bonus +0
Armor Check Penalty -6
Arcane Spell Failure Chance 60%
Speed 30 ft./20 ft
Weight 40

Swimming Armor: The suit will enable a wearer to breathe for 90 minutes underwater, (Swim checks still apply in regard to movement) after which a warning buzzer will tell the wearer that 30 minutes of breathing time remain before the suit must be recharged. The back jets will propel a wearer through the water at a speed of 30 ft. with average maneuverability for a total of six rounds (the jet does not have to be used all at one time). Wt. 20 lbs.

Armor/Shield Bonus +4
Maximum Dex Bonus +4
Armor Check Penalty -1
Arcane Spell Failure Chance 20%
Speed 30 ft./20 ft.
Weight 8 lb.


Belt of Flying

Allows the wearer to float up or down at 15 ft. per round. The belt has a 500 pound load limit. power gem drain is one charge per minute. Wt 5 lbs.

Arcane Bullseye Lamp

The spotlight shines a 10 ft. beam of light that provides bright illumination to 60 ft., and shadowy illumination to 120 feet. The light uses 1 power gem charge every 10 minutes of use. Wt. 2 lbs.


hardness 15, 40 hp/inch thickness; Break DC 80, Climb DC 25.
+++Gas Mask:
The mask will protect the wearer from all noxious gases. A DC 10 Intelligence check is required to learn how to use the item correctly before wearing it. Wt. 5 lbs.

Broach of Alarm

The analyzer can detect radiation to 60 feet, gases to 40 feet, and mold/spores to 20 feet. Wt. 2 lbs.

Medallion of Speech

The translator will translate the tongue of the loudest speaker within 60 feet. It requires one minute for first analysis of a foreign language. It uses one power disk charge per minute of use. Wt 2 lbs.

Toiler Control Device

The device will summon any Toiler Golem(s) within a 180-foot radius from the box. The Golem will arrive in 1d4 minutes if any are available. For each minute of operation, there is a cumulative 2% chance the internal power source in the transmitter will drain. Wt. 1 lb.
power gem: It requires a move action to change a power gem in a device. Each disc holds a maximum of 6 charges. They cannot be recharged. Wt. –.
Healing salve: The spray from this canister will cure 2d12 hit points per application, as well as any diseases or infections on a person’s skin. It is useless against internal/systemic diseases. Each canister holds a maximum of six applications. Wt 1 lb.

Quenching Wand: Ice-cold vapor is released from the extinguisher in a 10 foot cone, causing 1d6 points of cold damage to all creatures in range. A DC 20 Reflex save is permitted for half damage. If the extinguisher explodes it will inflict 2d6 points of cold damage to all creatures within 10 feet (DC 20 Reflex save for half). Wt. 8 lb.

Wilting Wand: A plant poison is sprayed from this wand, causes 2d4 points of damage to all molds and creatures with the plant type on a successful hit. The wand has a 15-foot range increment and a maximum range of 30 feet. Wt. 10 lb.

Whenever a new item is discovered, the character may operate it or merely stow it for later inspection. Any attempt to use such items must use a flow chart to simulate ignorance. Four charts are given below. The first two are for simple and complex non-lethal items. The second pair are for simple and complex lethal items. Place a marker at the start position, and have the character roll a d10, once for each round spent working with the item. He or she may elect to stop before any roll, beginning at the start again the next day, but once the die is rolled RESULTS ARE FINAL FOR THAT STEP. Modifiers to the roll are INT modifiers or ‘use magic device’ adjustment.
Several persons are allowed to try to discover the properties of any item as long as it remains functional. Once one character learns how to use an item, he or she may instruct others in its use - 1 turn for simple items, 6 turns for complex ones.
Chart I: Simple Non-lethal Items
Power Gem
Healing salve
Arcane Bullseye Lamp
Medallion of Speech
Singing Badge
Belt of Flying
Energy Shortspear: USE ILLUSTRATION #52.
Range: 30' beam
power gem Drain: 1/use
Damage: 3d10+5 excitation
This item looks like a cross between a shortspear and a wand. Beautiful abstract designs have been etched into it's blue-green surface. It's about 3 feet long and weighs about 3 pounds. It has a raised black rivet on one end, and a crystal wrapped in what looks like a coppery wire on the other a frame. On the side of the crystal's ensconcement are 2 raised discs.
Ranged attacks made above touch AC but beneath armor AC use 'sunder' rules on armor.

Energy Glaive

Range: 60 Area of Effect: beam
power gem Drain: 2/use
Rate of Fire: l/round
Damage: 6d10+10 excitation
This item looks like a cross between a glaive and a wand. It's about 6 feet long and weighs about 6 pounds. It functions as the Energy Spear does, but does 6d10+10 damage.

Quandlo Thermal Shortspear: USE ILLUSTRATION #54.
Range: 20' beam
power gem Drain: 1/use
Ranged Damage: 3d10 fire damage, bypasses hardness and continues through targets until damage is used up.
Melee Damage: As sportspear, +2d6 fire damage.
This brown wand-like shortspear is ornamented in a far less sophisticated manner than similar devices on board the ship. Instead of fanciful ornamentation, its spartan exterior has been covered in a substance similar to manta-ray leather at key points. Blocky heiroglyphs have been carved into the dull brown material, highlighting rivets that make several fin-like blades at its zenith glow with a menacing heat.

Quandlo Thermal Glaive: USE ILLUSTRATION #55.
Range: S=6", M=12", L=24"
Area of Effect: Thin beam
power gem Drain: 2/use
Damage: 6d10 fire damage, bypasses hardness and continues through targets until damage is used up.
In appearance this is quite similar to the Quandlo Thermal Shortspear, although on a larger scale. It is similar in every way but longer.

EXPLOSIVE - 5-10 hit points damage to all within blast radius. Save equals half damage. All with-in the blast are stunned for 1-4 rounds and deafened for 1-4 turns. Creatures within a 20’ radius are stunned for 1 round and deafened for 1-4 rounds. If the grenade is enclosed in a container of normal material (not hive’s hull metal) of less than specialty designed anti-explosive con-struction, the detonation will throw shrap nel in a 20’ radius, and all within will take 0-9 additional hit points of shrapnel damage - use dl 0, 0 means no shrapnel hit.

gas, sleep All air breathing creatures within the 10’ blast radius must save versus poison or die. Those saving will be nauseated and unable to engage in combat for 1-6 rounds. The cloud of poisonous vapors persist for 6 rounds in a stagnant area, but in ventilated areas it will be gone in 2 rounds. In windy situations it will last only one round. The grenade cannot be used effectively in very windy situations.

gas, poison - All air breathing creatures within the radius of effect must save versus poison or in-stantly fall into a comatose slumber lasting 2-5 turns. Those saving must make a second save even though no longer within the area on the following round.(This reflects persistent qualities of the gas.) Cloud persistence is the same as for. poison gas.

incendiary - All creatures in the blast radius take 2-12 hit points of damage, no saving throws allowed, and all materials within the area which are inflammable are set afire. Next round, and for 1-3 rounds thereafter, each creature originally within the blast area will sustain an additional l-6 hit points of damage from residual chemi-cals burning. Each skin of water used will reduce damage by 1 hit point, and total immersion will negate residual burns.

Quandlo Platemail: USE lLLUSTRATON #59.

Hardness: 10
HP: 50

The suit provides 80% cover to anybody in it. It grants a strength of 20 to the wearer, gives +20 to jump checks.

Quandlo Platemail looks like a suit of unusual plate armor made for a different physiology than a human. With some tinkering, it can be worn. The joints appear to be finely, if somewhat strangely, articulated, and a sinewy, tendon-like material may be seen at major joints. The armor appears to have been worked to create the illusion of a heavily built Quandlo with a rudimentary head roughly the shape of a fox's head, if a fox had a mouth full of slim octopus arms. The helm is made for Quandlo, so instead of eyeholes there is doorway where presumably a Quandlo might place his sensory feelers. The armor has two concealed 'strings' at the rear of the helmet beneath its lip. Pulling both strings at the same time will pop open the back of the armor in much the same fashion as one would split open a lober's tail. A person may then climb into the armor feet first, double over and slip his or her head and arms into the suit. Then, by arching his or her back, the armor will reseal itself around the person. The release 'strings' may be reached while wearing the suit, but it will take a round for a humanoid to operate normally.
The armor is completely sealed and will withstand vacuum or pressure equal to 1,000 feet of water. A set of rudimentary mechanical lungs along the back will provide oxygen for 8 hours of continuous use, recharging at 1 hour per hour of non-use. No gasses or harmful substances will enter the suit unless the suit itself begins to corrode.
The wearer can carry up to 500 additional pounds of weight when so doing.

Belt of Flying
Move: Float Voidwards or Seawards at 3"/round
Load Limit: 500 pounds
power gem Drain: 1 charge/turn
This item appears to be a strangely crafted girdle, hung with odd ornaments and three leathery straps. It has no apparent clasp to open the girdle, though the front bears a large, embossed disc.
The belt is opened by giving the disc a quarterturn clockwise and pressing in upon the boss. In the back of the embossing is a circular indentation the size of a coin. A power gem may be fitted into this recess. The belt is activated by turning the boss counter-clockwise half a turn and pushing inwards.
Note that this device can be used to make an object up to 500 pounds weigh only as much as a 1 pound object, but the mass will still be that of a 500 pound object.

Swimming Armor
This appears to be a strange suit much like the robe of a priest of the Old Gods. The armor consists of thick robe woven with metal fabric and weighted with lead, as well as a breastplate whose interior is often filled with heavenly incense. In this case, the interior seems to already be filled with some sort of material that gives off a fresh, neutral smell that seems to have a mild calming effect. The vestment has a number of hollow tubes running around the head and down the back, very similarly to the head-dresses of the Al-Hassani and the Al-Bandi. A weighty girdle and loin cloth extends down to the floor, covered in strange symbols that roughly translate to ‘Most Young in Pleasance To You’. There are pictographs of unusual creatures, roughly humanoid in shape, kneeling before slot which appears to be the same size and shape as a power gem. Unusual flippers can be found tucked beneath the girdle that are shaped like a duck’s foot.
Quandlo Clarity Mask (gas mask)
Armor Class: Treat as a leather helmet
Special Defense: makes wearer immune to the effects of gases
This appears to be some sort of ceremonial mask shaped like a Quandlo face. It is made of a leather-like material and has several straps attached, as well as a series of strange pouches where a Quandlo’s sensing tentacles would go.

Broach of Alarm (Singing Badge)
Range: Radiation = 6”, Gas = 4", Mold/Spores =2”.
power gem Drain: 1/4 charge/use
A white slab of intricately carved material similar to horn, it has been is about the size of a necklace case. In one side are three windows, all rectangular in shape. Behind each is a strip of colored paper. The papers are all white on one end and shade into another color at the other end. The window to the left is white shading to yellow, the middle window is white shading to purple, and the paper behind the right window is white shading to green. Over each window is mounted a translucent jewel, the same color as the colored paper of that window. At the front of the slab is a series of small holes, On the back is a narrow panel set in a groove. Sliding it will reveal a slot about the size of a gold coin.
The case is only 1/4' wide, 1/2' long, and about a thumb’s width thick. The windows are rolling gauges indicating concentrations of impurities in the air by rolling forward to darker shades of color, The yellow gauge detects spore and pollen content, the purple gauge measures intensity of radiation, and the green gauge indicates the presence of gases. Purple, green, and/or yellow lights glow accordingly. Bulkheads which are non-radioactive will screen what is behind them as far as radiation count is concerned. Likewise, sealed areas will not affect the gas or spore registers.

Medallion of Speech
Range: 60’
power gem Drain: 1 charge/turn of use
This is a medallion-shaped device with two different sections. One has a strange hieroglyph for ‘Dictate’, the other has a strange hieroglyph for ‘Decipher’ in the middle of these delicately inscribed panels, there is a slot for a power gem. The ‘decipher’ panel is for receiving, there will be a 1 turn delay for first analysis of a foreign tongue; and the ‘Dictate’ button is pushed for transmitting. The medallion deciphers the closest/ loudest speaker in its range.

Arcane Bullseye Lamp: USE ILLUSTRATION #62.
Range: 120 feet
Area of Effect: 10’ diameter beam
power gem Drain: 1 charge/turn of use
This lamp looks like a torch, but instead of a flame it has a brightly glowing gem inside whose surface is rough on all but one facet. It is surpsingly heavy, weighing about 10 pounds, intended to be held with both hands. When used it creates a beam of light, all creatures behind the torch can see as though they had infravision 120’.
Golem Control Rod
Range: 80’
Function: Summons one Toiler Golem and allows transmission of verbal orders
Power gem Drain: 1/2 charge/turn
This appears to be a brown metal rod about the size of a club. It resembles in form other Quandlo equipment, but seems to have been cobbled together from spare parts, including some silver parts that look nothing like the rest of it. A small blue gem with a Kanshai hieroglyph is set into the hand-grip, the rough translation is ‘Serve’. This device is used to summon one Toiler Golem within range to the immediate vicinity of the holder. The hive’s strange altar moderates which Golem will respond if more than one are within range or else the closest one will respond. By pressing the blue hieroglyph a Toiler will arrive within 1-4 turns if any are available. Once a Toiler Golem has arrived it may be given verbal commands if someone continues to hold the rod. Set into the very base of the device is a power gem.
This device has its own store of power but for each turn of operation there is a 2% cumulative chance that the power pack will drain, causing the blue light to flash. In l-l 0 rounds the remote will go dead. Any power gem will reduce the chance of failure by 5% per charge in the disc, but eventually this will drain too.
Power gem
This is a blue-green colored glass or slate disc the size of a coin. One side is smooth and unmarked, the other side has a white, arced band, marked like a sundial with 5 lines. A taut thread rests on oneofthe lines (or at either end, depending on the charge). These discs are designed to be fitted into the various slots and holders of the weapons and equipment.
Power gems are energy storage units or batteries which were used to power the various devices on the hive. A fully charged power gem holds 6 charges and the needle of the gauge will be all the way to the right, if not malfunctioning. power gems found in hive stores will normally be fully charged, but the charges of those found scattered about the hive should be determined randomly by rolling a d6. power gems may be inserted either side up when installed in a device. Different devices will have different rates of power use and this is noted under each devices power gem Drain. It requires 2 rounds to change the power gem in a device once it is discovered how to make the change.

Healing salve: USE ILLUSTRATION #63.
Healing salves appear as smooth, featureless gourds which contain a strange translucent green goo. They are indented on one side to fashion a grip, flat on the bottom, and have a small neck curving out of the other end. If poured out onto a wound, the goo will begin to transmute itself into the host’s tissue. It will cure any disease, infection, or spore infestation on the skin. A full gourd contains 6 pours.

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