BOUNDING CHARGE: As long as a hunter isn't required to move through a contested square and he remains undetected, he may move over normal or impeding terrain at normal speed. Any melee attack made immediately after this gains a momentum bonus equal to the number of tiles the Hunter moved plus the range of the weapon used. This is a variant of the CHARGE action and follows all other CHARGE rules.

PREY PURSUIT: If an enemy attempts to flee a battle, the hunter can use the skill BOUNDING CHARGE as though he were undetected for the purpose of moving to and attacking that enemy. The hunter still abides by area of control rules for threatened squares or other abilities.

AMBUSH: An undetected hunter gets a bonus for an attack made from concealment equal to the difference between the enemy's detection check and the hunter's concealment check.

Excellent at moving quickly through uncontested or hazardous terrain as long as he remains undetected
Excellent at ambushes and sneak attacks if he remains undetected
Poor at prolonged combat
Poor at escaping combat

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