The god of thresholds and conduits and is said to exist somewhere within Saedatha. He is the tree that grows between time and space, and in some religions is called the 'tree of terror', for his followers ritually hang themselves on his branches in order to see visions of otherworldly realms. Psychics in particular revere Igwaja. The cults of Igwaja and Ganderwa once existed in harmony in an early age.

Ygan is represented by trees, serpents, braids or roots around a doorway, symbolizing the connection between all things. Adherents see the connections between events both obvious and obscure, using divination and haruspicy to map the causal relationships between events. As a result worshipers tend to carry out their goals in careful, often very meaningful, but unexpected ways. Igwaja tends to be worshipped by alchemists, astromancers, druids, oracles, diviners interested in stability and peace, not only believing but acting in the spirit that the end always justifies the means. Adherents are sometimes plagued by deep philosophical nature of the winding strands of fate.

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