Jet Black Emblem

Toilers and Infester Emblem. This Emblem contains two simple jet-black hieroglyphs side by side. One translates to 'Toiler' and seems to be a large, bulky creature with large claws. The other translates to 'Infester' and shows a more delicate creature with claws and multiple legs.

DC 10 FORT SAVE TO MERGE. Failure means target takes 1d6 damage.

Next time the target sleeps he's haunted by the dream of the toiler:

You awaken in a place of dimly lit halls made of living tissue. You look down at your body. It is slightly translucent, a side effect from the slime that covers virtually everything around you. You don't remember who you are or where you came from, but deep in the back of your mind you have recollections that you were somebody else once. Those memories are not important. The Voice pushes them to a distant corner. You are moving crates, pushing them through the undulating hallway. It is very satisfying. This is what the voice wants. You see a crab-like spiderthing the size of a melonfruit in your path. It isn't translucent. That is bound to offend The Voice. You see it greedily scooping slime into its face as it scurries about your feet. It isn't translucent. The horror.

A large creature bursts from the wall, a segmented, barrel-sized worm with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth arranged in the circle. It is translucent. Thank The Eldest. It knocks you over as it chases the scurrying, not-translucent crab down the hall. It is here to help. Thank the Eldest.

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