ELD (Shi'Xul) //
FULKAN (Germanic) //
DWEREN (Old Dwarven) //
VIRREN (Old Elven) //
AURGRISH (Orcish) //
RYGGARI (Giantish) // Spoken mostly in Ryggar and Fomor.
MATARI (Trollish) // Spoken mostly in Ryggar and Ythill.
TARSAN (Roman) // Spoken mostly along the north of the sister seas. The primary language of Tarsa.
AKLO (Akkan Shai) // Spoken mostly by the Akkan Shai. Primary language on Oriab.
YULAN (Chinese) //
TAKANI (japanese) //
KABIRI (Semitic) //
ENTU (Bantu) /
SHISALI (Swahili)
MALUHAN (Indian) /

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