Level 2


This level was clearly not intended for people. It has only the sparest lighting, mostly in the form of an odd mottling that runs through the clear, veiny skin of the ship, not unlike the blotches on a squid. The corridors here look more like the bowels of some great marine creature than hallways, anyway. Intestines dangle from the ceiling, gurgling occasionally with a rush of fluid, connecting to pulsing organs that seem to glow with powerful arcane forces.

A fishy smelling slime coats pretty much everything. In fact, it would be safe to say that these tunnels form a kind of sewer system. Debris seems to slowly flow past your feet, some less pleasant in both smell and appearance than the rest. It would seem that parts of this infernal creation are sick and rotting. Agile creatures, (not a spider or a crab, but something eerily close) can be seen scurrying away from these spots as you approach, disappearing into smaller 'drainage pipes' at foot-level. It looks as though that they may be some kind of infestation.

At various points, one can see stomach-like organs the size of a horse pumping away at this accumulated waste. A wash of acid gurgles away within them, and one can make out limbs and parts of various creatures in there as well. Some of them look oddly human. These 'stomachs' seem to have a number of support organs as well. A duodenum like object has failed on one of the machines ahead, dripping some acid into the corridor. The smell of burning flesh and the sight of the ulcer slowly forming is evidence of how powerful a solution it is. These organs look overloaded, as though the ship's immune system is failing.

CROSSHATCHED AREAS: If any character strikes, pokes, prods, or otherwise attacks these areas, there is a 20% chance per “attack” that the individual will break rupture one of the membranes and get acid everywhere, causing anybody within 10' of the rupture to take 8d6 points of acid damage (a successful DC 20 Reflex save will enable the character to take half damage). Characters that fail the Reflex save are also take 1 constitution damage per round until they make a DC20 fort save. This condition persists for 1d6 rounds. If the worker Golem responding to the damage calls for Extruder Golems, they will appear in 1 to 3 minutes.

2. Jumbled remains of what appears to be a once well-armored, well armed large humanoid creature who is inside the wall of the corridor, sealed in scar tissue. The remains of this Quandlo heretic are virtually unidentifiable and very digested. A DC 25 Spot check is required to find a grey emblem in the remains. A DC 18 Search check will find the emblem if a thorough search is made of the area.

3. Amoeba-like creatures can be found in these locations, moving through the tunnels and slowly dissolving larger objects. http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Gelatinous_Cube

4. Hive Slitherer http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/magical-beasts/death-worm This is a Hive Skitterer feasting on a strange sack of eggs that resemble a huge mound of caviar. If the party has brown Emblems, it will ignore them. If they have violet or gray emblems and can communicate with it, the Slitherer will obey and follow them, but be distracted by the presence of Skitterings in six turns. If the party has no brown, violet or gray emblems, the Hive Slitherer will let out a keening wail to attract If the party has no brown, violet, or gray Emblems or if not shown any emblem, the Slitherer will try to call an Extruder Golem from another level with a wordless psionic shrieking. (20% chance per round of attracting it).

NOTE: The jagged black area in the northwest is the hole blasted in the deck and leads to the storage cellar below - this is indicated on the level III map as well.

13. RADIATION AREA: See Key to Level I.

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