Alteration - The greatest of the Fleshwarpers of Ythill transcended their own forms and became pits of endless mutation and renewal, constructing and deconstructing endless forms to create the perfect being.

Illusion - The courts of Carcossa were legendary for their threatrical facades and deceptions. The Yellow King is said to have worked from the shadows, learning secrets from the realm of Sorn.

Enchantment - Influence or compulsion over the minds of others. Binding and enslavement, manipulation. maintained great ranks of thralls and slaves of the strongest, most pliable creatures.

Necromancy - Manipulation of the essential life force which infuses all living things. The Alaran masters learned this dark art from the shards of Ebokan.

Conjuration - The summoning of spirits, creatures and otherworldly forces. The Spirit-Dancers of Enkar are said to have summoned such creatures into their ancient courts.

Divination - Uncovering mysteries receiving guidance of the future. Did the fallen house of of Kasbenir with it's oracles and It deals with the uncovering of mysteries, fortune-telling, and the perceiving of places and people at a distance

Abjuration - Magic of this school creates physical or magical barriers, , negates magical or physical abilities, harms trespassers, or even banishes the target of the spell to another plane of existence.

Invocation - The manipulation of raw magical energy, a specialty of the Former who are said to have been mutilated by it's profound powers.

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