Attributed to corruption of the Kabiri name for 'Horned Men', The Morikun kingdom once dominated the territories to the right of the Cutter Sea. Morikun fell during the events of the Deluge which claimed many of the kingdom's wealthy coastal settlements. The Morikai spread into Koth, Leng and Oriab living pastorally above the ruins of Eankab. Surviving Eankab have have been known to keep populations Morikai which they send into the Archaea to retrieve treasure for their dimensional webs. Some of these Morikai manage to escape, living in the Archaea by serving powerful ancient forces. These Morikai are known as the Dark Morikai, emerging over the centuries since the Deluge. Most famously, such a Morikai is said to have fathered Erdene Sech, a famous Aurk said to be part Dark Morikai and part Aurkind, a creature known as an Ogrimak.

Morikai get a bonus to fighting spiders.
A bonus against poison
They can move normally over unfavorable rocky terrain
have horns which means their head gets an armor bonus
For the purpose of determining sneak attack detection, attacks from behind or to the left and right of a Morikai are treated as attacks from the front.

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