Class Abilities -

Purity of Body - Mystics lose their abilities when they use substances which provide bonuses to willpower, though they do still get the substance bonus for the purpose of spending willpower on non-mystic abilities.

Tirelessness - A mystic never tires.

Feats -

Weightlessness - A mystic may remove all heft using Willpower, if the mystic can reduce his heft to 0 using available Willpower, the mystic is considered weightless.

Impermeability - A mystic may use Willpower to absorb damage done by an successful attack. For the purpose of determining follow-up actions or consequences of that attack, the attack still occurred.

Elemental Absorption - A mystic may store elemental damage equal to willpower spent, this energy can be used both as sustenance and released as a grab or attack. The mystic may release these elemental forces at a later time. The mystic cannot absorb more elemental damage than his present willpower, and every point of damage held for later use temporarily costs the equivalent willpower. If the mystic takes elemental damage beyond the amount of elemental damage the mystic is capable of storing, the elemental damage is released in an area of effect around the mystic equal to the mystic's level.


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