Nonplayable Races
Gir-Kla A race of unusual snail-like creatures native to the early cycles who emerged from the fallen civilization of the Cthar during the Second Cycle.
Eankabi Attributed to Kabiri, are said to have had an empire which rose and fell in an early cycle. The Eankabi have seven legs and a long tail-like appendage complete with two hook-like protrusions used for anchoring. The Eankabi build complex and beautiful prismatic webs designed to hypnotize their pray and draw them in with elaborate displays of light. Unlike modern spiders, the Eankabi don't reside within their webs but rather remain buried or concealed nearby, springing towards enthralled pray using their tail. Young Eankabi are about the size of a pony, with fully grown adults growing and molting indefinitely until they starve to death or become too weak to survive the molting process. While the Eankabi are highly intelligent, they're territorial carnivores which tend to keep 'herds' of weaker intelligent creatures as both servants and livestock. There are rumors that the some particularly clever Eankabi have been living in the underworld and accumulating power. Sightings of Morikai and Eankab excavation sites in the mountains around Leng seem to suggest a resurgence in Eankab activities of thins kind. The Eankab are capable of whipping large stones great distances with their tails, a behavior both used on the propagation of their rock-like eggs and in defense of their territory.
Fodran Fodran are ancient relatives of the Kofai. They resemble a large, wirey Kofai with shaggy hair and a large mouth. They are often called 'Wild Men' or 'Giants' even though they are the progenitors of the greenblooded races. They are exceptionally agile and intelligent and nearly immune to the cold.
Fomor Also called giants, the Fomor are a race of unknown origin. They are known for their Willpower and Presence.
Kunideg Attributed as either 'Person Eater' or 'Round Nose' in Eld, the Kunideg are cannibalistic demi-humans with a squat, brownie-like frame and large slightly frog-like heads which exist in great numbers in Western Leng. Said to be a crossbreed between the frog-like and humanoid people, the Kunideg having their own distinct belief systems surrounding the eating and sacrifice of humanoid beings to the monstrous creatures living within the surrounding mountains. They are known to traverse as far as Koth and Meru, living in large, semi-nomadic tribal communities. Kunideg frequently practice the art of disguise, wearing veils and other obscuring garments which allow them to ambush and attack travelers which often try to pass from west to east by land. This garb is also said to be favored by the shamans of the Kunideg, who seem to attire themsAlfar similarly to the old shamans of the Meru. While the Kunideg are clever and deceptive, they prefer a simple way of life, living in natural caves and using the bones and skins of their enemies to make jewellery, ceremonial attire and tools. The Kunideg are not amphibious life their Faugn forebearers, but they can enter into a state of hibernation when they get too cold or too dry, often preferring to do so in dried out subterranean river and lake systems where they can safely reconstitute when it next rains. This is the process by which the Kunideg reproduce as well, leaving sacks of eggs and sperm packets at the high water marks of these subterranean refuges just before hibernation. As a result, Koth, Meru and Leng are known to experience plagues of adolescent, hungry Kunideg when these regions experience heavy rainfalls. Kunideg young are opportunistic eaters, gorging on eachother, hibernating adults and unhatched eggs before emerging from these sanctuaries in an unplanned and often violent emergence.
Gorn Large and grotesque Men who are thought to be a distant relative of Dwereg, they have stout, hairy bodies and large teeth. They are often mistaken for giants such as the Fomori and have lived on Geron in some form or another for many cycles. They are likely the forbearers of both Dwereg and Men.
Quinok A race of Akkan-Shai cultists who live deep in the ocean, their origin is unclear. They are occaisionally seen on the surface, usually manning a Stinking Sphere.
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