Orange Emblem

Fleshwarper Lord Emblem. This emblem has a stylized orange heiroglyph for 'Fleshwarper Lord'. It shows a priest-like being holding up a head of a strange creature with a dagger in his other hand. Beneath him gather a pyramid of violet colored 'Hive Whisperer' heiroglyphs, each missing body parts.

DC 30 FORT or take 4d6 damage for wearing.

When the wearer sleeps, he dreams of the Fleshwarper Lord:

Your laboratory is a mess. A Toiler has accidentally let loose an alien creature aboard the ship and it has torn through all your supplies. The Voice assures you that all will be well, but you take your anger out on the next subject to enter your chambers. It's a murkslave that has lost a hand while out collecting new Toilers. You decide to replace its hand with a lowly Toiler claw to punish it. The other Fleshwarper Lords will think this is funny. Maybe even the Voice will laugh this time. What is that loud sound? You reach for your flying belt even as the Hive lurches to the side, throwing you into your collection of Screaming Minds, silencing them and spilling goo all over the floor. Everything goes black as you unexpectedly are thrown into the ceiling. You come to some time later and realize your head is not attached to your body anymore. The Voice is very angry. You hear it barking orders. The sounds of fighting comes closer. There are different Voices now, quieter heretical voices chattering excitedly, and the sounds of explosions and bodies being thrown against the walls of your office. A Quandlo comes into your room, seemingly blocking out the voice. Memories of an ancient life come rushing back to you. You realize with horror that you have a family and a homeword, and that you have been aimlessly drifting in The Voice for millennia. You beg the Quandlo to kill you. It picks you up and puts you in a sack on its back. You fear you will become a Screaming Mind, but Hive Enforcers are able to mow down the Quandlo Heretic.

You awaken, shaken and horrified.

See Emblems for additional detail.

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