Playable Races
Race Description Subtypes
Freg Relatives of the Alfar and Dwereg who adapted to living in burrows in the Dark Forest long ago. They mostly leave their burrows at night and as a result have underdeveloped, beady eyes and a powerful sense of hearing. The Freg are also unusually strong arms which they use for digging through the earth and searching for food. Deep Freg, Sand Freg, Barrens Freg, River Freg, Root Freg
Half-Alfar Half-Alfar are the children of humans and alfar, retaining a mix of both. They retain traits from both parents, but they are far less prone to senility and don't live quite as long as their Elven parents. Half-Alfar more durable than Alfar, but less versatile than Humans. Arctic Half-Alfar, Desert Half-Alfar, Gray Half-Alfar, Wild Half-Alfar, Jungle Half-Alfar, Wood Half-Alfar and Normal Half-Alfar
Alfar The Alfar are human-sized relatives of the Dwereg. They are very long lived but tend to become increasingly unhinged in their old age. See also Ebron Alfar, Azari Alfar, Wood Alfar
Duab Attributed as Eld for 'Deep', the Duab are an ancient race of marine creatures who rose to glory after the sudden decline of all civilization on Geron at the end of the sixth cycle. They're primitive fish-like people with hard, boney skin and unblinking eyes.
Dwereg Dwereg are particularly hardy compared to other humanoids, but their squat bodies aren't built for dexterity or prowess. Unfortunately, most folk find Dwereg to be implacably dull due to their conservative, regimented lifestyle. Short, stalwart creatures who live primarily underground or in the walls and underbellies of cities. Alekhandi Dwereg, [[[, Tharin Dwereg, Athraki Dwereg, Breggian Dwereg, Katabi Dwereg, Garran Dwereg
Ebokan The Ebokan are powerful dimensional outsiders who arrived on Geron in the Seventh Cycle. They were powerful necromancers who lived across the Mist Sea.
Erd The Erd are fierce warriors raised by the Kofai Fleshwarpers who toiled in the Slave Pits of Ythill. The Erd fought in the War of Princes and are considered infamous for purging the nobles of Karkas and plundering Alar and Ythill. The Erd were a tribal people who were eventually united by Erdene Sech, who led the Erd against the undead armies of the Yellow King and established the kingdom of Korahan and the city of Rakesh. The Erd are naturally crepuscular, seeing best in twilight and preferring to hunt, forage and work during the hours of dusk and dawn. The average Durg is larger than a human, standing at around 7 feet tall with a pronounced jaw and a sloping forehead. , with the 'average' Aurk being a bronzy green. Light-skinned Aurk tend to have hair colors ranging between ivory and dark khaki, while darker skinned Aurks generally have sandy brown to lamp black hair. The Erd are strong and and hardy but averse to the sunlight.
Fargaban The Fargaban are small, rat-like relatives of the Kanshai who once toiled beneath the Shabdafa, performing complex but menial labor beyond the capabilities of more mindless or aggressive thralls of the Kanshai Lords. Surviving Fargaban fled after the Deluge, eventually settling primarily in the forests east of Toprakkis and Shinar. While intelligent, the Fargaban are
Half-Erd Half-Orcs are fairly strong, fairly wise human/orc crossbreeds. They retain the large frames of their Orcish ancestors, as well as the as well as the inquisitive and entrepreneurial nature of their human relatives. Half-Orcs come in the following varieties: Jungle Half-Orcs, Desert Half-Orcs, Arctic Half-Orcs and Normal Half-Orcs.
Human Humans are thought to be descendants of Gorn who stayed above ground in the 17th cycle. Like their Dwereg brothers they are talented craftsmen with a reputation for cunning and will. Arctic Human, Desert Human, Pelagic Human, Forest Human
Kofai The Kofai are gremlin-like creatures who descended from the Fodran after they were forced underground during the end of the 18th cycle. They are known for their intelligence and cunning.
Morikai Attributed to corruption of the Kabiri name for 'Horned Men', The Morikun kingdom once dominated the territories to the right of the Cutter Sea. Morikun fell during the events of the Deluge which claimed many of the kingdom's wealthy coastal settlements. The Morikai spread into Koth, Leng and Oriab living pastorally above the ruins of Eankab. Surviving Eankab have have been known to keep populations Morikai which they send into the Archaea to retrieve treasure for their dimensional webs. Some of these Morikai manage to escape, living in the Archaea by serving powerful ancient forces. These Morikai are known as the Dark Morikai, emerging over the centuries since the Deluge. Most famously, such a Morikai is said to have fathered Erdene Sech, a famous Aurk said to be part Dark Morikai and part Aurkind, a creature known as an Ogrimak.
Shabdafa Known as 'toads of the moonlight' in modern Kabiri parlance, the Shabdafa are a r origin who administered to daily business of Aklon. While related to the Kanshai Lords by nature, they are a much smaller subservient race about the size of an average humanoid, though they seem shorter as they are hunchbacked and wide-bodied. When Aklon fell to the Great Deluge, some Shabdafa joined the rebellion temporarily, eventually settling in Mnar.
Skenmir The 'Skinchangers' or Skenmir were a race of lizard people who once stewarded many kingdoms across Geron. They are naturally armored and have a keen sense of smell and an excellent memory.
Deurgar The Duergar are the ancestors of the Alfar and Dwereg, living in the ancient city of Alekhand. They are extremely long lived and very talented Artificers and Magicians. Most of them live cloistered lives in Alekhand, but every once in a while one of them is exiled to the mortal world.
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