Power Gem

This is a blue-green colored glass or slate disc the size of a coin. One side is smooth and unmarked, the other side has a white, arced band, marked like a sundial with 5 lines. A taut thread rests on oneofthe lines (or at either end, depending on the charge). These discs are designed to be fitted into the various slots and holders of the weapons and equipment.
Power gems are energy storage units or batteries which were used to power the various devices on the hive. A fully charged power gem holds 6 charges and the needle of the gauge will be all the way to the right, if not malfunctioning. power gems found in hive stores will normally be fully charged, but the charges of those found scattered about the hive should be determined randomly by rolling a d6. power gems may be inserted either side up when installed in a device. Different devices will have different rates of power use and this is noted under each devices power gem Drain. It requires 2 rounds to change the power gem in a device once it is discovered how to make the change.

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