Quandlo Platemail

This armor is a self-contained suit providing immunity to vacuum and breathable air for eight hours. As long as the suit is powered, the wearer can negate any armor check penalty for Jump checks. The suit has a force shield that provides DR 5/– and energy resistance 5 as long as the armor is functional (The armor has hardness 10; 40 hp. If the armor takes damage in excess of 40 hit points, it will shut down until repaired). The wearer has the equivalent of 23 Strength while wearing the armor, and anti-grav as the belt, except movement is restricted to 10 ft./round. Anti-grav will function for 6 minutes, or 3 if carrying significant weight. For each round of operation, the anti-grav must recharge for one minute. When power is down to one minute, the warning buzzer will sound. The armor has an integral Quandlo Thermal Shortspear and internal sound actuators that provide a +5 equipment bonus to Listen checks and infrared sensors that provide darkvision to 120 feet. The power supply in a suit of armor will last for eight hours before the armor has to be recharged. Wt. 40 lbs. – not added to character’s total encumbrance while the armor is functional.

(Requires Armor Proficiency [Quandlo])

Armor/Shield Bonus +10
Maximum Dex Bonus +0
Armor Check Penalty -6
Arcane Spell Failure Chance 60%
Speed 30 ft./20 ft
Weight 40
Hardness: 10
HP: 50

The suit provides 80% cover to anybody in it. It grants a strength of 20 to the wearer, gives +20 to jump checks.

Quandlo Platemail looks like a suit of unusual plate armor made for a different physiology than a human. With some tinkering, it can be worn. The joints appear to be finely, if somewhat strangely, articulated, and a sinewy, tendon-like material may be seen at major joints. The armor appears to have been worked to create the illusion of a heavily built Quandlo with a rudimentary head roughly the shape of a fox's head, if a fox had a mouth full of slim octopus arms. The helm is made for Quandlo, so instead of eyeholes there is doorway where presumably a Quandlo might place his sensory feelers. The armor
has two concealed 'strings' at the rear of the helmet beneath its lip. Pulling both strings at the same time will pop open the back of the armor in much the same fashion as one would split open a lober's tail. A person may then climb into the armor feet first, double over and slip his or her head and arms into the suit. Then, by arching his or her back, the armor will reseal itself around the person. The release 'strings' may be reached while wearing the suit, but it will take a round for a humanoid to operate normally.

Quandlo Platemail is completely sealed and will withstand vacuum or pressure equal to 1,000 feet of water. A set of rudimentary mechanical lungs along the back will provide oxygen for 8 hours of continuous use, recharging at 1 hour per hour of non-use. No gasses or harmful substances will enter the suit unless the suit itself begins to corrode.

When the force shield is at 0, damage sustained is taken by the armor itself. When the armor reaches 0 it is non-functional in all systems, Damage accruing beyond that point goes to the person inside.

The wearer can carry up to 500 additional pounds of weight when so doing.

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