FULKAN (Proto-Germanic) // Saedatha, The
(DWEREN (dwarven) // rakas
VALAR (Elven) // Sadava
ORUCHAN (Orcish) // Thadraga
JOT (Giantish) // Chadrach
ETTI (Trollish) // Shadra
TARSAN (Greek) //
AKLO (Aboleth) // Shdrba
YULAI (Chinese) //
KABIRI (Semitic) //
UBANU (Bantu) /
MAJYAN (Indian) /

First Heroes: The heroes are creatures from Athwei who lived long ago, purportedly engaging in heroic deeds in the time of the Deluge.

- Hethon, Fire a of great power who created the Manus and Yemor and countless other beings. He is said have been the epicenter of the deluge and responsible for the fall of Aklon.

FULKAN - (Proto-Germanic) //
(DWEREN (dwarven) //
VALAR (Elven) //
ORUCHAN (Orcish) //
JOT (Giantish) //
ETTI (Trollish) //
TARSAN (Greek) //
AKLO (Aboleth)
YULAI (Chinese) //
TAKAN (Japanese) //
KABIRI (Semitic) //
MBANI (Bantu) /
MAJYAN (Indian) /

FULKAN - (Proto-Germanic) Saedatha, THE VOID
DWEREN - (dwarven) Thagarn - THE BURNING WATER
ETTI (Trollish) // DROGA - THE WOMB
TAKAN // (Japanese) // Daikokuten - God of Abyss and Wealth
UBANU (Bantu) //
MAJYAN (Indian) / Sakka

- Denu, The Great River - Denu is the god of cycles and the passage of time, representing the reciprocity of nature and the balance of creation and destruction.

- Rungnir, The Shadow Walker - Has domains of Shadow and Night. Also called, Ranith, Set and Hades. Said to have been exiled to the underworld by Thunras

- Thunras, The Thunder Warrior - Strength

- Deyas, The Oath Keeper - Law

- Manus, The Knowledge Seeker - Knowledge

- Igwaja, The World Binder - Igwaja is the god of thresholds and conduits. He is the tree that grows between time and space, and in some religions is called the 'tree of terror', for his followers ritually hang themselves on his branches in order to see terrible visions of otherworldly realms. Psychics in particular revere Igwaja.

- Yemor, The Sacrificed - Yemor was a powerful and ancient hero who was sacrificed by Manus to the indifferent and fickle Elder Gods, a binding pact that allows all men to manipulate the Eldritch forces.

- Sehule, The Purifying Light - Sehule is an ancient hero who is said to have wielded the purifying light of the sun during the darkness that followed the Deluge. Traveling with Mehnot and Ekwa, they rallied the denizens of the Fallen Houses behind them and pushed back the rising tide of Tekeli. Sehule has the domains of healing and light.

- Mehnot, The Night Hunter - Mehnot is the god of the moon, counterpart of Sehule and chosen lord of the Ekwa. During the Deluge he is said to have hunted the Tekeli, collecting stragglers of the Fallen Houses behind him.

- Ekwa - The Loyal Retainers - Twins who are said to have tirelessly traversed the world with Sehule and Mehnot, fighting day and night against the Tide of Tekeli.

- Perkunos, The Stormcaller - Perkunos brought the endless rain and storms to clear the the brimstone of the deluge.

- Peshon, The Wild Herdsman - Herding, livestock and fields.

- Ganefeb, The Fate Weavers - A trio of hooded seers which forsaw the Deluge and advised the first heroes.

- Ard, The Iron-Heart - The great craftsman

Other names: Tolundreg, Volundr, Ptah, Hephaistos, Valendras,

A clever and cunning hero whose artifice and craft are beyond reproach. Before the deluge he was ordered to construct a prison in which to contain a fierce monster made by the Dream Lords. After completing this prison, the Lords made Ard lame and imprisoned him in a great tower. He is said to have enacted vengeance on his jailers before escaping his prison by fashioning a flying contraption. Successful in his escape, he Ard escaped, but he tarried with his makeshift wings and they failed. He landed would never be known. Ard escaped by building wings but they malfunctioned and Ard fell to earth and was crippled.

Dwarven: Tolundreg
North: Volundr
South: Ptah
Tarsan: Hephaistos
Aersan: Valendras

The Cunning, Common: Ard, Olorun: Ptah, Hepheastus, Vulcanos, Valendras

Ard is Called 'Galendos' in Nilm, 'Velentr' in Ythill. Ard, First among Dwereg, and father of the Elves and Dwarves.,

Metal, Alchemy,
- Keidon, The Planner - It is said that after the Deluge, Keidon studied the ways of the old world and shows the first men how to rebuild the great cities. He wrote the Three Codexes of Keidon, a set of books detailing urban planning and the ideal reconstruction of society.

- Mawort, The War Bringer - Mawort was a great warrior who rose from the ruins of the Deluge.

- Gerhon, The Soul Guide - also called Charon, Xolotl, Frejya, Hermes and Anubis. After the Deluge, Gerhon is said to have led the deathless slaves of Aklon through the underworld beyond the gates and seals of the Great City, where they could perish in peace. His followers are dedicated to caring for the dying, the dead and the undead.

- Sarbara, Underguardian - Sarbara guarded the tunnels beneath the ancient cities where the dead and undying of the Deluge were led by Gerhon. He was willingly bound there by Gerhon during the Deluge.

Eldritch Forces: Elder gods are those who were worshipped by the lords of the Eldritch Houses. While their influence has waned greatly, they are the forces which shaped much of the world and are still revered or feared by many.

Yogshoth - He at the Threshold

Dream Lords:

The Dream Lords are powerful being who invaded and deposed the Eldran Houses in an event known as the Great War. They ruled for approximately 3700 years afterward until a great explosion destroyed much of their civilization, causing them to enter a restless and unplanned sleep in year 6759 called 'Torpor'. Many of the Dream Lords have been entombed by loyal followers who care for them in this weakened state, but even so their powerful psychic abilities can be felt gnawing at the minds of men and corrupting the world.

- Ganderwa (Yig), The World Devourer. A Kanshai Lord of immense size and physical might shaped like a giant worm. He is said to be the father of all worms, great and small. Associated with worms, burrowers and other carrion eaters, including the great wyrms. Subterranean creatures are known to worship him and he is the father of truedragons. Some believe he brought about The Deluge in a bid to

Skehdwer (Atlach-Nacha) - The Door of Fate. A giant spider-like entity said to weave the complex machinations of the shadow gods. A god of portals and inevitability.

Kel-Nidos (Amon Gorloth) - The Buried One - Associated cults: The Burrowers of Kel-Nidos A vast creature whose body is said to be entombed beneath the sands surrounding the floodplains of Kemet. Before the Deluge, it is said that he dreamed the North of Olorun into a green paradise. The cults of Kemet are known for finding and preserving parts of his great and rotting form. They give him sustenance by offering blood through strange and hidden rituals deep below ground.

Gods - A comprehensive list of powers daimons, jiva, devils, djin, angels and outsiders that maintain some presence on Earth.

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