The First Heroes are ancient heroes who lived long ago and fought the Dream Lords during The Great War and the events of the Deluge. They are known far and wide across Geron and serve as characters in many of the stories of Men. The First Heroes are known by many names and many disagree on the specifics of their deeds, but their power and influence in matters divine and arcane are tangible and real.

Saedatha Primordial Void The primordial and elemental chaos which bore the universe, and a conduit for elemental magic and creation to which Yemor was sacrified by Manus. Magic, Void, Creation
Denu Great River Hero of cycles and the passage of time, representing the reciprocity of nature and the balance of creation and destruction. Time, Nature, Destruction
Rungnir Shadow Walker Hero of shadow and night. Said to have been exiled to the underworld by Thunras, worshipped by the Kel as 'Lord of the Woods', prophet of the Elder God Luk'kaphra.
Thunras Thunder Warrior A strong and hardy warrior who commands the power of thunder. He defeated Rungnir and the son of Manus. Strength, Lightning
Deyas Oath Keeper Hero of laws, oaths and pacts, presided over the sacrifice of Yemor to Saedatha to secure the power of the arcane for the kingdoms of men.
Manus Knowledge Seeker The first man and father of all men. He sacrificed himself at the world-tree for knowledge and was reborn. He is said to have saved many from the deluge by building a great floating city.
Yemor The Sacrificed An ancient and powerful magician sacrificed to Saedatha by Manus to thether Geron to Saedatha so that mortals can practice the arcane.
Sehule Purifying Light Ancient hero and sun god who is said to have brought the sun back from the darkness that followed the Deluge. Traveling with Mehnot and Ekwa, Sehule is said to have pushed back the Tide of Tekel'i.
Mehnot The Night Hunter God of the moon and hunters, counterpart of Sehule and chosen patron of the Ekwa. During the Deluge he is said to have hunted the Tekel'i with Sehule and the Ekwa.
Ekwa Loyal Riders Twin soldiers who tirelessly traversed the world with Sehule and Mehnot, fighting day and night against the Tide of Tekeli. Gifted with animals and masters of riding and falconry.
Perkunos Stormbringer Perkunos is the god of rain and storms and the wild ocean. He is said to have provided safe passage for those escaping from the deluge.
Peshon Wild Herdsman God of herding, livestock and fieldwork. He is said to have led people out of the Eldritch cities and into the fields and mountains where taught them to live off the land.
Ganefeb Fate Weavers A trio of hooded seers which forsaw the Deluge and advised the first heroes. The trade seas are named for them.
Ard Iron Heart First among Dwereg, and father of the Elves and Dwarves. A clever and cunning hero whose artifice and craft are beyond reproach. He is lame and withered.
Mawort War Bringer Mawort was a great warrior who rose from the ruins of the Deluge, fighting both the Remnants and other Men. He is the god of bandits, warriors and generals.
Gerhon Soul Guide Also called Charon, Xolotl, Frejya, Hermes and Anubis. After the Deluge, Gerhon is said to have led the deathless slaves of Aklon to the underworld.
Keidon The Planner It is said that after the Deluge, Keidon traveled to the Tower of Meru and learned the secrets of the ancient how to rebuild the great cities. He wrote the Three Codexes of Keidon, a set of books detailing urban planning and the ideal reconstruction of society.

ELDRIAN POWERS: Ancient powers worshipped by the Eld Houses, these gods predate the rise of Man. While their worship has waned, these forces shaped much of Geron's historyt and are still revered or feared by many.

Igwaja World Binder The god of thresholds and conduits and is said to exist somewhere within Saedatha. He is the tree that grows between time and space, and in some religions is called the 'tree of terror', for his followers ritually hang themselves on his branches in order to see visions of otherworldly realms. Psychics in particular revere Igwaja. The cults of Igwaja and Ganderwa once existed in harmony in an early age.
Tel-Dhuma Gated Horizon - It is said that this creature lives in some incorporeal realm or prison beyond the mortal realm, but is able to know everything which is to occur within it. Much of the magic practiced in the world contains an appeal to Tel-Dhuma.
Gomingravan Soul Well
Luk'kaphra Creeping Darkness
Koromen Dark Mirror
Skedwer Between Worlds
Murum-Kina Night Watcher

Dream Lords:

The Dream Lords are powerful beings who once called Akashar home. They deposed the Eldran Houses and the Shi'Xul afterb. They ruled for approximately 3700 years afterward until a great calamity destroyed much of their civilization, causing them to enter a restless and unplanned sleep in year 6759 called 'The Torpor'. The psychic impressions of the sleeping Dream Lords represent immensely powerful forces in the Weird and in the real world, and many cults and arcane schools seek to harness or destroy this power. Even so, the undirected psychic abilities of these creatures can be felt gnawing at the minds of men and corrupting the world when the stars are right.

Nugab Star Cloaked An immense creature who is said to have the power to wake the dead and the sleepers. His symbol is the black star, and it is prophesied that one day he will return to Geron and turn Geron into a paradise for those who worship the Dream Lords.
Ganderwa World Eater A creature of immense size and physical might shaped like a giant worm. He is said to be the father of all Dyen-Beji and is associated with worms, burrowers and carrion eaters. He's often associated with the Deluge. It is said that he will one day destroy the world and was responsible for the destruction of both the Chiwan and the Golothi.
Kel-Nidos Growing Beneath A vast creature whose body is said to be entombed beneath the sands surrounding the floodplains of Kemet. Before the Deluge, it is said that he dreamed the North of Olorun into a green paradise. The cults of Kemet are known for finding and preserving parts of his great and dormant form. They give him sustenance by offering blood through strange and hidden rituals deep below ground.

Gods - A comprehensive list of powers daimons, jiva, devils, djin, angels and outsiders that maintain some presence on Earth.

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