We're glad you are interested in making a character on MercatiaMUX. We'd like you to read this before you continue to character generation so that none of us end up wasting our time and we all have fun.

1. This game is for people who love to roleplay, use punctuation, and perpetuate interesting plot arcs. We like to facilitate a certain degree of historical/cultural accuracy around here, but we understand that sometimes concessions need to be made in order for everyone to enjoy themselves.

2. This is not a mux for people who want to be king or queen of the internets. If you really must antagonize someone with your personal opinion which you believe to be a fact, please use the Debate channel.

3. We do not expect you to spend all your time on the grid, and we understand that sometimes you wish to idle from work or home. We will warn you when a scene is about to begin, and we will even try to schedule events ahead of time. Actors are not expected to hang around on the stage before their performance, and gamers do not sit in front of a console waiting for it to randomly turn on. This is not an excuse to never RP between plots, but we're not going to punish you for not wasting all your time sitting in the ziggurat of Shamash waiting for Kingalu the Barbarian to walk by and wave.

4. By accessing any help or theme files or accompanying materials contained within the private database of MercatiaMUX, you agree that you are accessing files which are for private use only by this site's administrator, own the book from which it was transcribed, or are accessing OGR resources.

5. Access to this site is a priveledge which may be revoked at any time if you violate any of the terms of service, which MercatiaMUX reserves the rights to change at any time without notice or restriction.

6. By accessing the grid or applying for a character here you agree that you are 18 or otherwise legally an adult in your place of residence. This is not a TS mux, but TS happens sometimes and we're not going to play moral authority. Obviously, if you make babies in the middle of the tower district, you're going to be arrested by the guards. On that note, this is a non-consent mux. Players will die, people will be slowly eaten by diseased jellies in the bottom of the pit of Vugannan, and angry orcs might set your house on fire. Suck it up.

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