The Saba't rule the southwestern peninsula of Arabaya, serving as a major port along the the east/west trade corridor. It is one of the few nations with a functioning diplomatic relationship with the Marul, an aquatic civilization thought to be ruled by the Kanshai of Aklon. This arrangement allows Saba't to be a powerful trade partner with eastern nations like Myrrha and Jin without having to deal with harassment from Kanshai forces. For this reason, the people of Saba't are famous for their trade of exotic commodities such as perfumes and spices, goods which the otherwise desolate and geographically isolated nation can keep well preserved in sandstone caves.

Sabatean land is particularly harsh and inhospitable. The nation-state is only able to sustain itself through the use of a quarter-mile long dam that serves as a rain-water reservoir, built throughout the sandstone mountains above Ma'rib. Through natural hydraulic action, this water supply sustains a number of wells, irrigation canals and underground waterways. With fresh water being a rare and important commodity, neighboring states such as the Minean and Himyaran tribes rule the surrounding territory with an iron fist, adding to the danger of overland trade. These tribes live off the bones of the old world, living tough, unpleasant lives amongst the supernatural creatures of the desert. Traders and other travellers provide them with a welcome reprieve from the dangers of scavenging.

The Kingdom of Saba't is cornered not only by geography of its mountains, but by the ruins of an ancient civilization believed to maybe even predate the Age of Wonder. This ancient constructions seems to stretch through the nearby hills, connected to a great underground cavern lit by an eerily constant light. City planners must take care when digging through the nearby hills, and even the hostile tribes seem to avoid surface ruins leading to this place. Much of the architecture is too short for all but the smallest humanoids to comfortably wander, and the ruins appear to be covered with strange gouges that have been conjectured to be writing, but don't seem to match any known language. They seem to be beacons for the dead.

Saba't strongly relies on the raw resources provided by its former colony, Axum. Almost directly across the Tehorm Sea from eachother, international trade between these two entities is of absolute necessity to Saba't. As a result, significant naval fortifications exist between the two locations.

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