Culture Name Special Domain
FOLKAN Saedatha, The Void Magic
ELD Hethomnephas, Fire and Water Fire, Water
DWEREN Thagarn, The Sacred Forge Forge
VALAR Sadava, The Mist Between
MUXAN Thordrg, Burning River
FOMORI Grahn, The Fireblooded
RYGGARI Drog, The Burning Womb
TARSAN Khaos, The Unknown Beyond
AKLO Nuun, The Choking Abyss
YULAI Hundun, The First Broth
TAKAN Daiko, Treasures in Darkness
KABIRI Tiamat, Mother of Wyrms
KEMETI Kekui, The Primordial Night
UBANU Adroa the River in Desert
MAJYAN Akasha, Between Sky

In the ancient stories, Saedatha is the primordial void between eternal fire and ice into which the world is willed or built by the first sacrifice. It represents the potential of the unknown and contradictive powers of creation and destruction, and to some a veil behind which these raw creative forces can be glimpsed. In each story a common element of ice and fire, water and desert, and other opposing forces which create and bring life to the universe.

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