Sand Freg

Sand Freg are tough people who scour the desert by night, sifting through the sand for star metal, Yaqut, and other scarce resources with long rakes and nets. They are known to set traps or snares around Yaqut as well, many of which are buried below the surface of the desert.

During the day, Sand Freg are known to live in caves and burroughs away from other settlements as is their tradition, subsisting off water from dewcatching nets built around and a strange tuber-like food native to their culture which they call Yaqut.

Sand Freg are rather dependent on Yaqut and its unusual qualities which include the fact that a growing Yaqut seems to draw water from deep in the earth. The Sand Freg suffer no ill effects from eating Yaqut and are even known to use dried Yaqut in a number of ceremonies and rituals used for oracular divination. For others, the drug has a potent enervating side effect which the Sand Freg do not experience.

Racial Traits:
Sand Freg get a familiarity bonus for Desert type terrain hazards and weather conditions.

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