The Shabdafa arrived on Geron with the Akkan-Shai, and like them they are native to Akashar. These humanoid-sized amphibious creatures were widely employed during the Eldrian and Aklonian cycles in a number of administrative and ambassadorial roles, but proved themselves capable fighters during the Great War when some Shabdafa chose to break away from their masters. Many Shabdafa now live in the busy port of Oriab or the more secluded land of Mnar, but they can be found in small numbers throughout the kingdoms of Men. With a history reaching back thousands of years, the Shabdafa have maintained a series of secretive guilds dedicated to preserving their race and their way of life, maintaining a delicate diplomatic web even in times of great turmoil. This alone gives the Shabdafa a position of value amongst the courts of other races, even if the Shabdafa are regarded with some suspicion.

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