Shi Xul


The Shi'Xul are from a race of relatively primordial quintepedal beings that appear to be a cross between a tubeworm, a coconut crab, and a squid. They were exiled to the prison-world of Geron from Akashar in the First Cycle during the Rejection of Gifts by the forebearers of the Akkan-Shai. The Shi'Xul brought the Nine Gifts to Geron, and the worship of the Eldritch Forces which accompanied them. Geron eventually became a great source of wealth for the Akkan-Shai who would occasionally return to establish order or squeeze additional tribute from Geron.

The Shi'Xul culture has literally and figuratively evolved around a series of powerful and enigmatic relics left by unknown benefactors. The relics are all monoliths with both mundane instructions and magical properties, left by unknown benefactors on their homeworld of Waerun.

Most of Shi'Xul culture is cemented around The First Relic, or 'First Gift', a monothlic pyramidal tetrahedron, served as a point of congregation in the otherwise unremarkable hydrogen seas in which their kind drifted. The first permanent settlement soon followed, as well as the first art: Shamans and bloom leaders would have the the intricate markings and patterns on the relic's surface carved into their oyster-like exteriors by the first artisans. So then came the first utterances to name these marks, the first sounds associated with these marks, the first political divisions based on the keeper of sounds for each face. Through generations of religious and political schisms, religious reverence gave way to more and more sophisticated factual interpretations about what the Relic was inscribed with. What the Shi'Xul gained in immediate knowledge and rapid cultural evolution, they lost in the development of morality or ethics.

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