The people called 'Siwat' inhabit the northern coast of the Olorun continent, residing in the greatest concentrations on the large, fertile island of 'Tjia'. While their geographical or national origins are difficult to discern due to frequent inter-breeding with the residents of fledgling Etrurian colonies within their territories, many people believe that the Siwat migrated northward at some point during or after the great collapse.

The Siwati territories are generally semi-arid flat-lands interspersed with gentle sandstone knolls, leaving little wood with which to build ships or houses. The resourceful Sawati instead prefer to tunnel their abodes out of the ground in a style similar to the wheelhouses of Groznir, with a large central open excavation surrounded by a number of subterranean burrows kept cool by their earthen surroundings. An exception to this situation occurs in the hotter, drier northern island locales and the Olorun mainland, where particularly fierce Siwati tribes attack and overcome indigenous monstrous populations in order to steal their dwellings.

While Siwatis are fiercely proud of their own people, they do not hesitate to take tough, capable mates of other races or ethnicities. Siwati settlements tend to be small in order to minimize impact on the delicate ecological systems surrounding their homeland. They prefer to hunt or fish for their food, and they are famous for their cold-forged ashgold (iron and gold alloy) tools and weapons, which are often of excellent quality and resilient to rust and wear.


The average Siwati is tall and swarthy, with light to medium-brown skin and thick sandy blonde to black hair. Most Siwati prefer to keep their slightly unruly hair short, with both free and tightly hair being equally common. Siwati peoples tend to have unusually light eye pigmentation for their skin and hair tones, ranging from topaz to grey-green. Siwati clothing tends to be ornamental for the most part, consisting usually of just a cape-like garment intended to keep the sun off one's back and a few articles of jewelry. Siwati armor is usually made of bone or hide, as the Siwati do not actively mine and get their ore from trade or from ground collection.

OOC: The Siwati are The Berber tribes of North Africa, but in Mercatia's slightly different geography and sea level, live separately from the other natives of the continent. Archeologists believe that these people and their southern neighbors may have worked surface iron for many centuries before their north and east neighbors, but there is no evidence suggesting that they ever actively mined for it.

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