THREATENING VOLLEY: An unthreatened Slinger can threaten an area which he would otherwise be able to attack with his ranged weapon. Any attacks made to the area are treated as having FOCUS even though the threatened area is multiple squares or involve multiple opponents and cost no REFLEX. Any manouver which costs REFLEX interrupts this ability.

RANGED MASTERY: The COORDINATION costs of a chosen ranged weapon type are reduced by

DEFENSIVE ARCHERY: The REFLEX cost of changing a ranged attack target within 5 or less tiles is reduced by 1 tile per skill level.

MULTIPLE SHOT: The slinger can manage and fire multiple missiles at once with a bow, sling or other ranged weapon.

CLOSE SHOT: The slinger Can fire at targets

PRECISE SHOT: The slinger can take one or more turns to stack his chance

FLUSH: The Slinger can lob missiles over cover to reduce enemy morale. These missiles do half real damage, half morale damage.



Excellent at ranged attacks
Excellent at threatening squares beyond his control.
Poor at escaping combat
Poor at melee combat

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