Endurance This is the equivalent of a character's hitpoints as most damage reduces endurance. It represents the ability of a character's body to withstand physical hardship before the body itself ceases to function. A character with 0 or less endurance is considered to be Helpless and cannot spend points normally until the round ends. A character dies when their endurance is a negative inverse of their max endurance. For example, a character with 7 endurance dies at -7 endurance. It's possible to use Endurance to perform a Desperate Act. If combat takes longer than the first round, characters performing combat actions begin to lose 1 endurance per round until combat completes to Fatigue. If a character is Resting during combat, Fatigue rules do not apply.
Strength This determines how much a character can lift or carry and the force of their attacks. Attacks require a minimum strength investment equal to the Heft of a weapon.
Reflex How quickly the character can avoid mishaps, deflect enemy attacks and the order of combat events. Reduced by Heft.
Coordination The precision of a character's footwork, the accuracy of his attacks. Coordination is spent on each attack action the character makes in a round. The lowest Coordination expenditure is equal to a weapon's Heft. Coordination is also used for Some attacks have minimum coordination requirements, such as redirecting reaching weapons between an old target and a new target in the reach rules. While a character is welcome to bet as much or as little Coordination on an attack as they like, the minimum coordination required to hit a target is equal to the target's current reflex. To bypass armor, the attacker's coordination needs to exceed the target's current
Celerity The speed of a character's movement, the number of tiles he can move in a turn.
Willpower The ability of a character to resist or enforce the effects of magic and maintain morale.
Intellect Determines the character's ability to understand and remember complex things.
Cunning Determines your ability to feint, lie and manipulate.
Perception Determines the range of potential range attacks as well as the ease at which the player detects hidden enemies or items.
Presence Determines how much morale damage is inflicted on an enemy and how much people like and trust you.
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