Swimming Armor

This appears to be a strange suit much like the robe of a priest of the Old Gods. The armor consists of thick robe woven with metal fabric and weighted with lead, as well as a breastplate whose interior is often filled with heavenly incense. In this case, the interior seems to already be filled with some sort of material that gives off a fresh, neutral smell that seems to have a mild calming effect. The vestment has a number of hollow tubes running around the head and down the back, very similarly to the head-dresses of the Al-Hassani and the Al-Bandi. A weighty girdle and loin cloth extends down to the floor, covered in strange symbols that roughly translate to ‘Most Young in Pleasance To You’. There are pictographs of unusual creatures, roughly humanoid in shape, kneeling before slot which appears to be the same size and shape as a power gem. Unusual flippers can be found tucked beneath the girdle that are shaped like a duck’s foot.

The suit will enable a wearer to breathe for 90 minutes underwater, (Swim checks still apply in regard to movement) after which a warning buzzer will tell the wearer that 30 minutes of breathing time remain before the suit must be recharged. The back jets will propel a wearer through the water at a speed of 30 ft. with average maneuverability for a total of six rounds (the jet does not have to be used all at one time). Wt. 20 lbs.

Armor/Shield Bonus +4
Maximum Dex Bonus +4
Armor Check Penalty -1
Arcane Spell Failure Chance 20%
Speed 30 ft./20 ft.

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