Tuath Mara

Location: Twisting Isles, Mist Ocean
Cities: Unknown
Population: 80,000 (Elfkind, Faekind, Humanoid Outsiders)
Imports: Slaves, Plunder, Lumber, Gold, Curiosities
Exports: None

The Shifting Islands in the Mist Sea


Northwest of mortal lands, amongst pervasive mist-covered islands of Car Tailte, that hover between this world and the Realms, the cursed elves and fae of Tuath Mara count the spoils of piracy, larceny and exortion. They an ancient and unnamed god, and are said to greatly value trinkets such as creatures trapped in amber or stone.

Exiles from an Ancient Age
According to ancient lore, the residents Tuath Mara were once proud descendants of the White Ones who took to the sea during the Fourth Age, disappearing to far away lands beyond the great expanse of the Mist Ocean. Having been cursed with the same Dream Sickness as their brethren, they wandered aimlessly, finding solace amongst the transient islands far off to the north and west of Erebus, sailing endlessly amongst the same shifting islands of dawn until their purpose was completely forgotten. At some point, the magic of the Car Tailte seems to have broken the curse, apparently a gift from the Eldritch presence which resides there.

Hazardous Pirate Haven
From these humble beginnings sprawled a complex and anarchistic network of transient pirate havens, drydocks and


towns which change relative position daily. Only with the familiarity of local guides or special tools is navigation possible, as the islands seem to leave 'clues' that can be discerned by those familiar with their habits.

Raiders and Slavers
Lacking any trade partners, political alliances or clear form of government, the Tuath engage frequently in raids along the coast of Erebus, and even sometimes making at far as the White Sea. As a result, a significant population of humanoid slaves reside in the region, kept as pets, servants and laborers by prominent pirate-kings. It's not uncommon for raiders from this region to use elementals, dimensional doorways and other strange devices to reach foreign shores in a timely fashion.

Ornate Tradition and Human Sacrifice
Captives who manage to escape describe ornate traditions comprised of blood magic ceremony and sacrifices to the shifting ground. Portals to the nether realms seem to come and go as they please, appearing on ceilings, walls, and even sometimes in the water, causing dangerous vortexes and navigation obstacles. This is the god of Twisting

A Fractured Bridge Between Worlds
This location is particularly perilous for adventurers, despite this land somehow seeming unaffected by the ruins of the Eldritch Houses or the scars of the Great War. The islands are a navigation hazard that twists Escher-like through multiple planes of existence. Theories abound. The skalds of Muldaynr describe it as the body of an earth giant sundered between realms. The Korahan Seekers see it as the result of some great weapon gone awry, while Arabay scholars contend it could be the corpse of a failed world, now undead and seeking the flesh of our own.

** Greatports**

A small number of islands in the Car Tailte have been converted into stable fortresses, bound together with earth elementals, or even strong chains forged by the White Ones. These fortresses or 'Greatports' as they are called serve as main cities.

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