Size Name Threat Range Grip Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Qualities Reach Weapon Types Description

Tiny Brass Knuckles 1 1H Fist Fist 0 A hard metal brace that goes over the outside of the fingers, held by a handle in the palm. Useful for augmenting hand fighting.
Tiny Punching Dagger 1 1H Fist Fist 0 A very short, squat dagger that sits along the knuckles similar to brass knuckles. Used to augment hand fighting.
Tiny Ulu 1 1H Fist Fist Punching 0 A crescent shaped blade that sits along the knuckles, similar to brass knuckles but designed for scraping hide. Sometimes used as a slashing weapon in hand fighting.
Tiny Awl 1 1H Pick 0 A thin, sharp point used to punch holes in hide about as long as a finger. Small and easily concealable, the awl is a none the less capable of killing a man.
Tiny Gutknife 1 1H Knife Hooked 0 A small hooked knife used for gutting, cutting hides and other work.
Tiny Karda 1 1H Knife 0 A small utility knife which traditionally accompanies a Kukri.

Small Sai 0 1H Baton Pronged, Guard A baton with two dull prongs used both for farming and for combat.
Small Trishula 1H Dagger Pronged, Guard Three daggers arranged in a trident-shape.
Small Roundel 0.5 1H Dagger Heavy 0 Slashing A simple dagger with a flat, tapered blade and a small round handle. Similar in size to a gladius
Small Gauntlet 0.5 1H Fist 0 a hard piece of armor for the fist that assists with causing smashing damage.
Small Cestus 0.5 1H Fist 0 Like a Gauntlet, but the Cestus is equipped with sharp protrusions designed to cut opponents.
Small Fist Spike 0.5 1H Fist 0 A Gauntlet equipped with a spike-like protrusion similar to a punch dagger, but larger and mounted differently.
Small Hatchet 0.5 1H Axe 0 A versatile tool often employed in a defensive capacity.
Small Kukri 0.5 1H Dagger 0 A knife with an angled back and a curved cutting edge. Can chop, slash and stab.
Small Knife 0.5 1H Dagger A short blade designed ot be equally useful at piercing, slashing and cutting.


MEDIUM Spear Spear Piercing The Spear is a
MEDIUM Gladius 0.5 Sword Hewingx2, Stabbing The Gladius is a wide-based short sword with a sharp but somewhat rounded tip, good for punching through armor. Thought to originate from within the Kel and Fulkan territories, the gladius is very popular with the Tarsan City-States, complimenting the Pilum.
MEDIUM War Axe 0.5 Axe Hewingx2 Fast, Light Thinner and lighter than an axe designed for splitting wood, a war axe is a fast and light weapon best employed against limbs.
MEDIUM Skeggox 0.5 Axe Hewingx2, Hooking Heavy, Hooked An axe with a hooked blade useful for steeling an opponent's weapon. It's heavier than a conventional axe and does more damage, but is slower to swing.
MEDIUM Kilij 0.5 Sabre Hewing Stabbing Weighted A sword with an distinct angle about half way down the blade, where the blade widens slightly. Effective on foot,
MEDIUM Varsak 0.5 1H Sabre Hewingx2, Stabbing Light The Varsak is a slender variation of the Yatagan popular in Toprakkis. Lighter than the Yatagan, it resembles a very long knife and can be used to slash and stab.
Medium Yatagan 0.5 1H Sabre Hewingx2, Stabbing Heavy
MEDIUM Bill 1 Polearm An axe with a hook, a spear-like tip for thrusting and a side-facing tip for swinging.
MEDIUM Triflail A weapon with three spiked metal balls on chains designed for swinging at an opponent.
MEDIUM Monoflail A weapon with a single cylindrical weight on a chain designed for swinging at an opponent.
MEDIUM Glaive A polearm with a medium slicing blade on it, barbed at the end.
MEDIUM Halberd A polearm with a hook on one side, a spearing tip and a chopping blade.
Spiked Mace A mace with a spiked tip and spiked sides.

LARGE Falchion A curved double-sided sword useful for slashing.
LARGE Great Sword
LARGE Great Spear
LARGE Great Swordstaff
LARGE Great Hammer

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