Yellow Emblem

High Servant Emblem. This emblem has a yellow hieroglyph for 'High Servant' and also 'Kanshai Enforcer', side by side. They look a bit like strange large humanoids. One is carrying some sort of wand and is wearing ornate ceremonial vestments. The other looks a bit more monstrous and has an ornate looking spear in its hand. Beneath them and between them cower many stylized orange heiroglyphs for 'Fleshwarper' and 'Hive Whisper'.

DC 35 FORT or take 5d6 damage from wearing.

The dream:

You walk through the darkness of the false sea with your ceremonial vestments on, looking at the pallid corpse-like body of the The Eldest. The Voice is very strong here, it takes everything you have to prevent it from crushing your mind. Normally, the distant lights of the razorfish would twinkle like the snow of a homeworld conquered long ago by the Kanshai. Your memory of it is a guilty pleasure you hide from The Voice. It no longer cares, but it searches your mind for heretical thoughts even as the light of energy spears illuminates the depths. The Quandlo Heretics are coming. You see another ersatz guard to your left explode in a cloud of steam. You feel The Voice's fear. It is crippling. A ray of brilliant fire splits you in half, and for a moment you feel great relief before you are no more.

You wake, feeling confused and violated.

See Emblems for additional detail.

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